4 st EFA Roundtable


ΦA members at the 4th Roundtable

EΦA members at the 4th Roundtable

Presentations and minutes fourth roundtable
Agenda of the 4th Roundtable [PDF, 100 kB]
Anatomy of EU Power
Peter Linton
Presentation in pdf – 199 kB
Fire Hazard of Flatscreen TV’s
Rob Brons
Presentation in pdf – 12,3 MB
Media coverage pdf – 1,65 MB
Media coverage zipped mpg – 56,7 MB
Media coverage zipped asf – 1,78 MB
Media coverage zipped asf – 1,78 MB

Fire Behaviour of Household Appliances towards External Ignition
Adrian Beard
Presentation in pdf – 3,02 MB
The need for fire safety in electrical appliances
Bob Graham
Presentation in pdf – 405 kB
Best Practices: French News
Pascal Leprince
English version of presentation in pdf – 228 kB
Version francaise – Presentation in pdf – 2311kB


Best practise: Community Fire Safety activity
Albrecht Broemme
 Presentation pdf – 2,92 MB
Presentation on THW pdf – 2,14
Civil Protection
HH Dierks
Presentation in pdf – 3,93 MB
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European Fire Academy
René Hagen
Presentation in pdf – 83 kB
Minutes of the Meeting
Minutes in pdf – 116 kB