Landscape fires

This dry summer led to many landscape fires in different regions of Europe. Therefore we want to attrack your attention to the presentation of the last EFA-Round-table on 4 of June 18 held by

Prof. Dr. Johann Georg Goldammer
Director, Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC)
Fire Ecology Research Group
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
c/o Freiburg University / United Nations University (UNU)
Georges-Koehler-Allee 75
D – 79110 Freiburg
Tel:    +49-761-808011
Fax:    +49-761-808012


Next EFA-Round-table 18./19.10. in Tarragona

The next EΦA-Round-table will happen

18./19. of October 2018
in Tarragona/Spain

We will meet there on the invitation of our Vice-President Jordí Leandro Blanca who is responsible for the fire brigade and security of a big petrochemical complex in Tarragona.

We have already some proposals of subjects of discussion
* hazardous substances/high-risk material and firefighting
* critical infrastructure
* outlook to the EU disaster control exercise PACE and LüKEX
* How to integrate and mobilize the skills of the population in averting damages in disasters (example KAT-retter)
If you have proposals, please inform us.

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19 EFA Roundtable


The main Subject of the Next: 

19th EΦA-Round-table

Monday/Tuesday 4./5. of June 2018

Brussels, Belgian

How to deal with major Disasters – What should be the best European response?


Register Deadline will be 25. of May

If you can not attend the Roundtable please inform your Colleagues who maybe interested in the Subject.
Mr. Broemme and the EFA-team will be glad to see you again in Brussels.


Please click here to see the Agenda


Next EFA-Round Table


Dear Fellows


Please safe the Date. 

The next EFA-Round-Table will happen on


    4./5. of June 2018 in Brussels
 In the rooms of the Belgian Ministery of Interior.

One of the main subjects of discussion will be  How to deal with major Disasters – What should be the best European response„.

The exact Program will follow next month. 


Board of EFA reelected

The old board is the new board! The EFA President Albrecht Broemme and the 2 Vicepresidents Jordí Leandro Blanca, Tarragona/Spain and Magister Robert Stocker Vienna/Austria are reelected by the General Meeting of EFA on 13th of February.

Next EFA-Roundtable

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Next EFA-Roundtable

11./12 of December 2017

Vienna, Austria


Time:                  From Monday 13:00 hour
                           until Tuesday  12:30 hour

17 EFA Roundtable, Brussels 29/30.03.2017


Agenda 17 RT Fire-Brigade 4.0 Brussels 2017

Prof. René Hagen

 Fire Safety in the Domestic area! – Challenges in the next years

Prof. Dr. – Ing. Peer Rechenbach

 Fire-Brigade 4.0 ! How the Internet of the Things will influence the future work of the fire-brigades

Mag. Robert Stocker

 Warning and Information of the Population in Case of Crises and Disaster- Austrian Conception

Michael Zwingel, Frequentis AG

How electronic networking will change the way we manage disasters


16 EFA Roundtable, 20/21.02.2013

Protection and Security of the Citizen

flood control AQUARIWA 


Tomasz Plasota

 Protection and Security of the Citizen 

How Fire and Rescue Service Staff Manage Risk and Make Decisions at Emergency Incidents

Alan Penton

 The European Commission’s in-house science service JRC Ispra Präsentation

Dr. Stephan Lechner