7 st EFA Roundtable

This roundtable has been held succesfully in Brussels - Belgium at 11/12 september of 2008.

This roundtable has been held succesfully in Brussels – Belgium at 11/12 september of 2008.

Agenda (PDF)
Video Mrs. Meglena Kuneva, European Commissioner for Consumers
      European Fire Academy
Conclusions of the 7th EFA Roundtable September 2008
René Hagen, Professor of Fire Safety / Vice President EFA
Update on EΦA Achievements & introduction working groups [PDF, 4MB]
Prof. ir. C. Van Weeren, Design load-bearing construction, Delft Technical University, The Netherland
The fire at the Technical University of Delft: Lessons Learned [5,7 MB]
Prof. ir. C. Van Weeren
Collapsing building [AVI 5,2MB]

DAY 1: Working group sessions
Steve Turek
„People and Places“ using statistical information to identify and target vulnerable communities [PPT, 7,3MB]
Ricardo Weewer
Developments statistics in The Netherlands [PPT 1,4MB]
Pascal Leprince
PLP Statistics [PPT 0,2MB]
Jonathan Manson, Electricity and Energy Project Advisor
European Copper Institute [PPT 0,4MB]
 Dieter Nussler
Hotel Fire Safety : „Safehotel“ initiative [ppt 2mb] 
Bob Graham
Updater on consumer fire safety: TVs and upholstered furniture [ppt 4,9mb]
Petra Andersson
Perspectives of Flame retardants [ppt 4 MB]
Rene Hagen
Sprinklers in dwellings [0,75 mb]
Rob Baardse
Update on smoke detector campaign [PPT 3,5 MB]
                Rob Baardse
Flight plan [MPG 7,8 MB]
Rob Baardse
Prevent burns [MPG 5,2 MB]
Anne-Sophie Parent
Promoting fire safety amongst the elderly [PDF 18KB]


 DAY 2: Friday, 12th September 2008
Ricardo Weewer
Preparing for the future: Dutch fire brigades vision 2040 [PPT 3,8MB]
            Michael Hagen
Change in a fire and rescue service [PPT 412KB]
            Dominiek Viaene
Overview of activities for burn victims
Results Working Groups: Statistics [PPT 150KB]
Results Working Groups: Domestic and hotel fire prevention [PPT 150KB]
Results Working Groups: Communication to customers and vulnerables [PPT 125KB]
Ricardo Weewer
Extra presentation de Punt [PPT 2,2MB