Dr. Ricardo Weewer appointed Professor of Fire-fighting Sciences


On the 1st of September Dr. R(icardo) Weewer will begin his work as Professor of Fire-fighting Sciences at the Fire Service Academy of the Dutch Institute for Physical Safety.

Dr. Weewer is known within the fire service community as a participant in several national projects and working groups. He was, amongst other things, project leader and spokesperson of the Fire Research Project, and he participated in the programme on Improving Learning Ability, the project group on Outdoor Attacks, the management group Innovation Courage and the Strategic Travel Fire-fighters project. He was also a member of the research commission entitled „Evaluation of Fire in The Point“, an initiative from the Fire Service Programme Council and Scientific Council of the NVBR. Since the completion of the „Fire-fighters about Tomorrow“ vision he regularly appears as a strategic advisor to the Council of Regional Commanders and gives presentations on innovations within the Fire Department and the Fire-fighters about Tomorrow.

Dr. Weewer will combine his position as a lecturer of Fire-fighting Sciences with his function as Deputy Commander of the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire-fighters corps. The NIFV attaches great importance to this combination, as it is crucial for a knowledge institute to maintain close ties with the practical side of things. The latter also benefits from further knowledge development.

Lectures at the NIFV are targeted to gather and develop knowledge, and to translate this (new) knowledge and insights into schoolings, exercises and trainings.

Four professorial positions are currently in place at the NIFV:
– Fire-fighting Science
– Fire Prevention
– Crisis Management (joint lecture of NIFV and Police Academy)
– Transport Safety (joint lecture of NIFV and TNO).